Artificial Neural Networks in Education

27 июня 2018

The fact that Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are already more effective in learning than humans is well-known. But how can we use this cutting-edge technology in order to enhance our personal learning experience? The answer cannot be easy since we are only starting to understand the true power of Artificial Intelligence and ANN. But we […]

Innovative Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language

26 июня 2018

We are excited to announce that Galina Svirina and Pavel Shashok’s article «Innovative Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language from the Perspective of Progressive Methods of Research» has been publish in a scientific journal «Inter Science»  (Интернаука), in this year June issue. We would both like to thank everybody who has supported our […]

Leadership in Education and Innovative Learning Skills

30 декабря 2017

Wether you are a bank manager, an entrepreneur, an artist or a soldier, learning is the skills that you need to use most effectively above everything else. Galina Svirina, a Ph.D. and CEO of Victory English, has been giving lectures and workshops within this course at different companies and corporations, passing her knowledge, experience and […]

30 ноября 2017

Cross-cultural communication is a course that we have been offering for over a decade to different corporations, companies and individuals. If you want to enhance your communication with foreigners in business, academia or any other type of settings, this  course can be tailored to your needs specifically and delivered online or at any place which […]

Artificial Neural Networks in Education

30 октября 2017

We strive to bring innovation to the life of every students, whether it is learning English as a Second Language or any other subject. We have put our best effort into investigation of the possibility to use Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in the learning process. If you want to become a part of our focus […]

Leadership in Education and Innovative Learning Skills at Menora

30 сентября 2017

Victory English is happy to announce the start of «Leadership in Education and Innovative Learning Skills» course at Menora Jewish Community, Ekaterinburg. It offers to any individual of any age a unique set of skills for effective and productive life-long learning. Learn more on request! Join us starting this Sunday!

Make calls on our website!

30 мая 2017

Victory English is excited to announce that from this moment we have a possibility to make calls right from our website, without utilizing any additional programs such as Skype or any messengers! You can call, share your webcam or screen not living our platform to enjoy best quality of connection and use our interactive tools […]

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