About us


We are a platform that provides unique online teaching experience to everybody who wants to enhance their personal and professional development.


We offer a variety of courses including


  • Innovative approach to studying English as a Second Language
  • A course “Leadership in learning” for teachers and anyone who would like to have an impact in educational area and create innovative learning environments based on integral approach and the latest research by Richard Elmore (Harvard, University).
  • A special course on “Marketing through social media” based on Galina’s Svirina experience of starting an online school from scratch and self-promoting it via Instagram
  • “Effective learning skills” skills for anyone who would like to learn any subject more effectively by utilizing practical habits and skills as well as theoretically understanding how our brain, memory and general comprehension work.
  • Cross-Cultural communication course for individuals who want to be aware of specific cultural differences between Russian and American culture in order to do business and embark on any international endeavor more effectively.
  • Artificial Neural Networks technology in education course.


We will be happy to answer all your additional questions regarding the courses on request!

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